Four Winds Group is a software company founded in 1989 that specializes in Computerized Maintenance & Materials Management Solutions (CM3) applications. We strive to provide the most powerful, user friendly CM3 system available. With a knowledgeable staff presenting decades of experience, in-house development team with multiple areas of expertise, and support you can count on, we have a solution that is right for you.

As a company, Four Winds Group Offers:

  • A Very Powerful CM3
  • Desktop And Web Solutions
  • Experienced Staff
  • Wide Customer Base
  • Current Commercial And Government Installations
  • Up And Running Fast
  • On-Site And On-Location Training
  • Remote Technical Support

Why M-PET?

  • Asset Management - Identify Key Equipment problems quickly with Top Ten Reports
  • Asset Access - Nameplate/Location Data, PM Schedules, Accumulated Costs, Job History all from a single screen
  • Jobs Costs - Quickly analyze/compare Job Labor, Equipment & Materials Costs by Asset, Asset Type or Area, Create Estimate vs. Actual Comparisons
  • Job Planning - Multiple Scheduling views from Jobs Lists to Calendars letting Maintenance Supervisors manage work the way they want to see it
  • Resource Allocation - Identifies over allocation of specific Labor Class or Personnel for given dates
  • Time Cards - Complete integration between Time Card entry and individual Job updates from a single screen
  • Reports - Defined System Reports, Crystal Custom Reports and Export to Excel provides options for analyzing data in a variety of forms

Get Up and Running

Four Winds offers two different approaches to use the M-PET.NET Software. The first approach is for us to host your Database. Four Winds will host your Database off site and give you the tools to connect to the Database through installed Workstation Software and a Web Application. This service is available with a monthly service fee.

The second approach is the standard installation where all the Database and Software tools are installed within your Organization. This service is available as a Software Purchase and License Agreement based on the number of Concurrent Users you envision needing access. If Four Winds will be hosting your Database, you will be asked to provide some information about your Property or Organization. Four Winds will initialize your Database and within 48 hours of providing this information, you can start to enter and track all your Maintenance Activities. If you are going to be hosting your Database and install M-PET.NET locally, we will provide the Database and Software to you for Installation

To get more information, a personalized demo, or to start our product, Contact Us.



M-PET (Maintenance Productivity Enhancement Tool) is the next generation of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Designed for superior performance in every environment from manufacturing to facilities to municipality environments, M-PET has a demonstrated ability to deliver fast, comprehensive results for management of every aspect of your automated maintenance environment.

  • Assets - Create, Modify, and Track any and all of your Business' Assets.
  • Personnel - Track all of your Personnel through one easy and concise screen.
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) - One of the biggest areas of focus of any maintenance division. A well orchestrated and followed Preventative Maintenance plan is invaluable down the road, saving work hours, materials, and money.
  • Jobs - Handle anything related to a particular Job all on one, easy to follow screen. Track and update Jobs real-time, as work is completed on them.
  • Materials / Parts - Stay on top of needed Spares or Material to plan and complete Jobs.
  • Production - Meaure, measure, measure. Keep track of everything from Efficiency, Downtime, Repair Time, to Breakdown Response Time quickly and easily.
  • Reports - Need a hard copy of that? Print reports directly from M-PET.
  • Schedule - Get a detailed overview of current Jobs using our Calendar Scheduler.


Web-Based Solution; one of the biggest in-demand options for Business' today. That's where M-PET.WEB comes in. This Application will run over an internet connection (either hosted by the Client, or through our Server) that links into the same Database as the Desktop. This gives you the advantage of letting Employees use a Web Based System for many of the key features of our system without needing a full install on that Workstation.

Users can:

  • Submit a new Job Request with the same look and feel that the Desktop Application has.
  • Look up Job Requests with the ability to View, Edit, and Delete them (depending on that Users M-PET Permissions).
  • Look up Planned Jobs with the same abilities as mentioned above.
  • Planned Jobs can be edited just like the Desktop App, including adding Crew Members, Material and Equipment, all the way to entering an Outcome Code and closing the Job.
  • If any Jobs contain mappable data, we integrate our system with Microsoft's Bing Maps to be able to place that Job on a map with general information about the Job.
  • When viewing a mapped Job you can search for nearby Jobs within a user defined number of miles from the original Job
  • Mapping also works from the Jobs list. Highlight as many Jobs as you'd and see them all on a map.
  • View your complete list of Maintenance Objects and see detailed information about each one.
  • View any reports you've created with the built-in Crystal Reports Viewer right on the Web.
  • All lists support thorough sorting options so you can find your data faster, as well as an export to Excel option.


Hosted Solutions

We've got you covered. Think that setting up and configuring a Server just to be able to use our Software is too much of a hassle? Let us host it for you! With our High End Servers, we can handle all of your Data Safely and Remotely. Have access to your Data whenever you want, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. With Business Class Security and Automated Daily Backups, you can be rest assured that your Data is safe with us.

  • Regular Backups To External Devices
  • Business-Class Security To Protect Your Data
  • Access Your Data Anytime You Want
  • Access Your Data Wherever You Are
  • In-House IT Team

Turn-Key Implementation

With our talented staff of IT and Program Developers, coupled with our hands-on Maintenance and Project Management expertise, Four Winds Group is able to deliver any type of solution for those Organizations wanting to get their new M-PET.NET System operational quickly. In fact, we call it our Quick Turn Implementation.

Four Winds Group recognizes that most Maintenance/Engineering Departments have limited Resources, which typically equates to not enough time or staff to dedicate to the development of a Maintenance Management System's Foundation.

Once operational, a Maintenance System can help to provide the necessary Data to make informed resource Management decisions, but how does an organization reach that point?

Four Winds dedicates their experienced and Professional Staff to undertake the all-important implementation process that must be accomplished prior to using such a System. This shortens the implementation timeline significantly, and by understanding what the end product should resemble, we can tailor the look and feel to match your existing practices.

Working closely with your Organization, our knowledgeable Staff is able to perform the following tasks:

IT Tasks

  • Evaluate and recommend Network, Workstation and Server requirements
  • Purchase and install any additional Hardware and Software
  • Configure existing Workstations for the Database and Web Server
  • Create custom Reports and provide Data Analysis

Maintenance Information Tasks

  • Identify all Assets that will become part of the Asset database
  • Develop Asset Lists with Nameplate Data information
  • Import Asset Data into the M-PET.NET Database
  • Develop Preventive Maintenance (PM) Procedures for all Maintainable Assets
  • Develop PM Schedules and link Assets to PM Tasks, with Frequencies
  • Level PM Schedules to ensure work is evenly distributed
  • Train users at all levels of interaction of M-PET.NET
  • Provide on-going support

Project Management Tasks

  • Single Project Manager assignment
  • Track Scope of Work, Schedule of Implementation and Budget
  • Lead Client status meetings and discussions where gathered Data is presented and decisions are required by the Client for subsequent implementation steps.

Custom Programming And Interfacing

Four Winds Group Inc. doesn't just focus all our resources on M-PET, we can create custom, made to order Applications as well. Maybe you want a Website that you can use from multiple Workstations to access Information on a Central Database, we can do that. Maybe you want an Application on a PDA or Tablet Computer that you can use out in the field, we can do that too. Bottom line is, whatever Software you require, Four Winds Group Inc. can deliver it to you.

What happens when you have an existing system in place for basic Job Creation or Asset Tracking that you can't change for whatever reason but you'd like to use M-PET? Let our IT staff come up with a plan and create a custom interface to import the information from your existing systems right into M-PET where subsequent actions will take place. This solves all your problems by letting you continue using your Legacy Systems while taking advantage of all of M-PET's great Features and Benefits.

Key Industries

Key Industries - Transportation

  • GPS - 3 Axis Location Assignment - This allows for both Point and Elevation Location for a Job or Asset. The System currently will display this Location on a map.
  • Mile Post and Highway Location - On the Job, the System will allow the User to select which Highway the Maintenance Activity took place and the Mile Marker on the Highway. For Split Multi-Lane Highways, the User can select Increasing or Decreasing to indicate the side of the Highway.
  • Work Operation Codes - These codes are User defined and allow the User to classify each code used by the Department and what Unit of Measure is associated with the code. The Job allows one Work Operation Code per Step in addition to both Estimated and Actual Units of Production Accomplished.
  • Project Inspection Daily Project Diary - This Module is used for both the Construction Engineering and Inspection Staff to record their Daily Project Inspections. Along with the details for the Contractor(s) and Equipment on site, this Module records photos from the site and enforces BMP Practices as applicable. The Project Diary also integrates into the Time Card entry process.
  • Daily Time Card and Maintenance Work - Integrated into specific Job(s), of which several can be accomplished in a single day is the Time Card entry or DMR (Daily Maintenance Reporting) as referenced by some of our DOT clients. This function allows the Maintenance Supervisor to record all activities for their Crew on a daily basis, with details as to where they worked, what was accomplished, and what resources were utilized. Financial and payroll export options.
  • Highway Section Cost Codes and function codes for all DOT Maintenance Activities.

For Detailed Information On M-PET.NET And How It Relates Specifically To The Transportation Field, Click Here.

Key Industries - Hospitality

We can help you achieve that next level of Maintenance Management by providing both a Software Program, and services geared to deliver the right Data for the Software to help you gain focus and better control of your Operations.

We currently are working with some Hilton properties, specifically Hampton Inns for which we have provided the Software and expertise to move from the Maintenance basics to a fully functional, Computerized System.

We add value by helping you gain focus and control in the following:

  • Accurate Asset List
  • Documented and solidified PM Processes and Procedures
  • Generation of PM and Corrective Job(s)
  • Control and Documentation of Corrective Work through open Prioritized List
  • History of Completed PM and Corrective Work available for Review and Analysis
  • Parts Inventory
  • Data is easily searchable using a wide varity of methods and fields

Clients using our system, such as Hilton Hotels, have been able to increase their SALT scores (SALT stands for 'Service and Loyalty Tracker' which is the metric Hilton properties use to measure customer approval and satisfaction levels) because of the abilities our System takes advantage of. Using M-PET.NET allows our customers in the Hospitality business to quickly enter in Job Requests, Plan, Track Progress and Execute them, as well as Review Historical Jobs to mine Data and predict trends. Job Requests can be entered either through the full Desktop Application or remotely from an Internally/Externally hosted Internet Website. These Requests can be anything from a Customer initiated Request to a Preventative Maintenance Request.



In the mid 1980s Four Winds Enterprises, a large privately owned transportation company based in San Diego, California, was experiencing the pains of successful expansion of their core business. A growing fleet of equipment, scattered all around the world needed systematic management of maintenance records to meet safety, regulation and budget mandates. As part of an exploding business plan, Four Winds - known for their technical savvy, innovation and willingness to purchase the best tools to run their business became one of the first companies in San Diego to purchase the newest generation of IBM 'Super Mini' - the System 38. This System had an advanced architecture and relational database that revolutionized data handling but Four Winds quickly found there were no adequate applications available to meet their equipment maintenance management needs on the new System. To this end, Four Winds found the best available Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) available on the previous IBM generation of mini-computer and struck a deal to develop a new and more powerful version for their use on the new System 38. The resulting 'MainTracker' system was the first of its kind to provide advanced relational database technology based CMMS in a platform as powerful and affordable as the System 38. Four Winds Enterprises created another company called Four Winds Systems, whose primary function was to develop sales and support to distribute the new system to a fast growing industry that embraced the System 38 and the subsequent IBM AS/400.


In 1989, Four Winds Systems was sold to the current ownership and the corporation's name was changed to Four Winds Group, Inc (FWG). At the time, with the smaller PC and PC server technology becoming the niche computers of choice, FWG searched around the country to find a partner who offered PC based maintenance management software. FWG found a company on the east coast of the USA and was now able to provide a DOS based maintenance management solution. This company's products went from DOS to the first generation Windows and finally to the Windows 95 based application environment, the product being called, 'MPET'. In 2005 FWG was able to purchase the software business in order to offer more flexibility to our growing list of clients. When the software purchase was completed, an intense effort commenced to create a new product under the .NET development environment. After two years, M-PET.NET was delivered. This platform, supported by our very knowledgeable team of software developers is continually being improved and enhanced to ensure it is delivering the promised maintenance management information in the best way possible. With a desktop and web application available, M-PET.NET offers capabilities and functions not duplicated nor available from other companies in this very competitive marketplace. Continual development based on customer feedback, needs, and technological advancements, will ensure that M-PET.NET will continue to grow. The focus on customer satisfaction has proven time and again that when customers are asked about Four Winds Group's M-PET.NET system, their response is always FWG provides rapid response to problems and their desire to keep their system both relevant and current gives us a confidence in both their capability and longevity.

Key Partners

Four Winds Group success relies on proven partners who understand the industry and know what is required to make a maintenance management system not only work, but provide the key information to ensure good management decision making. These strong partnerships demonstrate how we can get our product in the hands of new clients as quickly as possible all the while highlighting our partner's skills in accurately selecting a maintenance management system that works for you.

  • Wilson Hospitality Management Company (WHM) is a professional property management firm based in Tuscaloosa, AL. For a more detailed overview of WHM , click here.
  • Premier Maintenance Consultant's Inc. (PMCI) has been helping organizations find maintenance implementation solutions for over 10 years. For a more detailed overview of PMCI, click here.

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